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Design thinking workshops

Together we will define real consumer needs for each product or service

Co-creation workshops

Merging your business experience and our knowledge and know-how to create effective solutions

Product and service prototyping

Time-efficient and cost-effective work based on final solutions, allowing perfect implementation planning

Use-case projection

Discover new areas and possibilities for your product

Persona creation

Human representation of target groups for efficient communication and engaging ideas

Customer and user journey design

Discover a handful of possibilities for leading communication through your products

Customer experience management

Gain complete control over the perception of your product at each point of contact


Make your consumers feel exceptional by sharing unforgettable experiences with them

Public service design

We will cooperate with any public institution, that builds friendly and socially aware services to the general public

Information architecture

Complete and arranged content for maximum conversion and clear communication

Design sprints

Five-step process, which will help you prepare for innovative product launching

Design safari

Cooperation with us is a chance to gain unique knowledge about the motivation of your consumers


The outstanding, independent branding of Kołobrzeg

Read the story of the new city identity of Kołobrzeg (Kolberg) and see how we found uniqueness in the Polish Baltic capital.

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